CUNCR has been gathering momentum by building partnerships through public outreach. Primarily, we have expanded our impact by becoming a far-reaching social media instrument with followers ranging from New York to New Delhi. We reached over 400 individuals this quarter who promoted and share the content of CUNCR. Additionally, CUNCR has begun linking our efforts with the Workable World Trust and the Democratic World Federalists, among others.

CUNCR has been especially focused on a growing partnership with the European Neighbourhood Council (ENC). ENC will be providing a series of educational workshops on a wide variety of EU-related topics, and CUNCR will contribute to this project, hosting seminars on legal issues surrounding UN Charter review and UN transformation. These workshops will assist scholars, politicians, and practitioners to grasp the inner-workings of constitutional doctrine and development.

Providing educational information is only one pillar of catalysing social change. Coalition building remains at the heart of CUNCR. We applaud the work of organisations such as Democracy Without Borders, Democratic World Federalist, The Workable World Trust, International IDEAthe Korea Foundation, the Nippon Foundation and the Global Challenges Foundation for safeguarding the values of global rights. 

For more information on ways you or your organization can become involved in confirming rights to global citizens, contact us at, or visit our website to start your partnership with CUNCR!

Ali Haxhijaj