We are delighted to officially announce the establishment of the CUNCR Library. It is a work in progress and currently has over 100 books catalogued mainly related to global governance, UN Charter, and UN reform. The collection is not intended to replace what is readily available in public or university libraries, but the idea is to make available hard-to-find, specialized, books and manuscripts (such as the UN foundational UNCIO documents) and make it available to our researchers, in one place.

Jennifer-Froden Cuncr library Jennifer Froden, a CUNCR volunteer from Sweden.

Future vision for 2018 is to advance the CUNCR Library with a section for electronic books. This should prove to be a great asset for the fellowship program, since these books would be made available at any time online. Below you will find a link to CUNCR Library link and we encourage all CUNCR members to visit our library. We also welcome any feedback or book suggestions (with CUNCR’s objective in mind).
If you wish to get your own library membership, please email us at and we will set you up with an account. Please note that for the moment at least, all of the items in our library are physical books, so you will need to visit our office in Brussels or request mail checkout, if you want to borrow them. As mentioned we are working on having a selection of e-books available in the near future, so stay tuned!

Jennifer Froden