CUNCR is very pleased to announce that in 2018, we will be launching our fellowship program! This program will bring academics and professionals from all over the world to our offices in Brussels, where we will cultivate a research setting for fellows to experience a supra-national political and legal system in the international environment of Brussels, the heart of the European Union. The synthesis of regional multi-governmental and international institutions, as well as NGOs and functional treaty-based organizations, makes Brussels ideal for in-depth research and innovation in global governance.

The program aims to support up to four fellows at a time, for one-to-three-month periods. Fellows will do research on a given topic related to the work of the Center. In addition, the fellows will attend weekly training seminars on a variety of topics such as the UN, EU, federalism, and constitutionalism. One of our fellows will be sponsored as the “Joseph E. Schwartzberg Workable World Trust Fellowship” and another as the “Dr. John O. Sutter Fellowship.” We sincerely thank Joe Schwartzberg, the Workable World Trust, and John Sutter for their immense generosity in supporting our fellowships. We are looking forward to the global outreach and intellectual elevation that can be attained through this exciting new program!

Kelci Wilford