CUNCR has plans in motion to host several seminars throughout 2018 and 2019, focusing on today’s biggest legal challenges stemming from ineffective global governance, and how we can fix them. Please click here to see the full listing. 
One seminar that we are especially excited about has the working title of “How to Assemble Parliamentary Assemblies: Case Studies for Governments and NGOs.” To organize this conference, CUNCR is partnering with Democracy Without Borders. It will be a two-day conference, split between Brussels, the seat of the European parliament, and Strasbourg, the location of the Parliamentary Assembly for the Council of Europe. We are planning this seminar to be held in the fourth quarter of 2018.
Additional seminars will also be taking place to investigate the emerging legal debates on several developing areas of international law, such as:
Nuclear Disarmament, The UN Charter, and The NPT Regime: Fit for Purpose? | Regional and International Criminal Courts Against Transnational Organized Crimes | International Asylum and Refugee Laws | Regionalism and Federalism | Security Council Reform | Climate Justice

Kelci Wilford and Ali Haxhijaj