Center for UN
Constitutional Research


1. Our Work:

The Center for United Nations Constitutional Research (CUNCR) is a not-for-profit independent think-tank with the primary mission of providing research and policy recommendations concerning the United Nations Charter and structure in the direction of achieving the Charter Preamble’s “we the peoples” ideals and objectives, towards its constitutionalisation. It is our aim to legitimize global governance by means of promoting and guaranteeing global citizens’ rights in a co-decision model with the states, all through a transformed United Nations.

Our work aims to contextualize today’s debates and literature on global governance and its problems, such as the environment, wars and conflicts, extreme poverty, human rights violations, conventional and nuclear disarmament, into workable solutions for our interdependent global community. In specific, we envision the creation of a rights-based UN, where people are represented alongside the states, and where our rights, such as the right to clean environment, right to elect our representatives, and our human rights are recognized globally. Our goal is to reform the existing international law and global system, where the power lies with “We the Peoples”, as specified by the UN Charter, but yet to be promoted.

2. Our Vision:

Every day, vulnerable populations around the world are affected by climate, conflict, and coercion. The root of these causes is the inadequate way global decisions are made. The present framework for the international community to solve contemporary issues is the UN Charter, which is a post-World War II document that stipulates that all matters of peace and security must be approved by the Security Council - in essence, only five nations of the world. All other forms of international governance are non-binding, or at least unenforceable. When put to the test, the present UN Charter has failed to stop famine, halt armed conflicts, and bring about a more democratic world.

At CUNCR, we believe to time has come to identify the means that will enable us to create a better world. While our methods are legal, the outcomes are tangible: a truly democratic world parliament. The abolition of nuclear weapons. Real action on climate change. In short, we are interested in securing real, meaningful human rights, for all human beings.

3. The Task:

The Center for United Nations Constitutional Research (CUNCR) is opening our Global Citizens Initiative by calling for contestants to help in the design of CUNCR’s logo. All entries will be considered for a 1st place (€1,300), 2nd place (€700), and 3rd place (€300) prize.

We envision a logo that symbolizes democracy, constitutional reform, United Nations, and global citizenry in a simple yet powerful design. The color scheme should include UN and democratic colors, prominently a variation of light blue or teal. As a non-profit, our values stem from fundamental human rights, coming together to create a system of global representation.  Peace may be reached through law, and law will be attained through representation, paving innovative strategies towards a peoples’, and not just states, framework of governance.

Take into consideration: The use of official icons; awareness of competition and logos of other non-governments organizations (NGOs); the impact of our logo on the audience; the typeface (font) readability and presentation; avoid Clip-Art styles; and be mindful of color usage.

We encourage participation from all corners of the world and will aim to distribute the prizes based on 3 different continents.

4. Instructions:

In order to compete, please send in:

- Name, Country

- Brief description of design

- Contact Information (Email, phone number)

- Logo (See details below)

- Submit all together before the Deadline of March 31st 2018, 12pm (GMT) to

5. Logo Submission Details

The logo you submit should be a web preview in PNG, GIF, or JPG format, in RGB mode, with a minimum size of 960x960px and a maximum size of 2040x8160px.

Please keep in mind while designing that while that is all we require for your entry, the winning design must be fully vectorized with outlined fonts, and the winner must submit the original editable file, EPS files in both RGB and CMYK formats, and a web preview in PNG, JPG, or PDF. Unmodified commercial fonts must be used as provided for in their licenses.


Are we prepared to give global citizens, rights?

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