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One of the least acknowledged developments in international affairs in the past decades is the growing importance and prevalence of international parliamentary institutions (IPIs). The Center for United Nations Constitutional Research, in partnership with Democracy Without Borders, is organizing a conference to examine this trend and to look at the challenges and benefits  of IPIs. In particular, we wish to learn from two of the oldest parliamentary organs of intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), the European Union’s European Parliament and the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly, in addition to examples from other world regions.

The aim of gathering elected representatives, regional politicians, academic experts, policymakers, civil society representatives and those who are currently working at IPIs and IGOs as civil servants, is to deepen the knowledge of different IPIs and the role they can play in strengthening regional and global IGOs as well as giving citizens a voice in large-scale governance, and promoting democracy in the world.

General Topics
The conference will begin with a short synopsis on the nature and history of IPIs, including typical features of existing parliamentary assemblies, establishing the underlying purposes of democracy and federalism, and identifying how IGOs have included parliamentary organs within their framework of operations.

The first session will explore the successes and challenges that have been experienced by selected IPIs and the different designs they can take. Case studies include, but may not be limited to, the European Parliament, the Latin-American Parliament or the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

The second session will provide an examination of how selected IGOs could potentially benefit from the creation of a parliamentary organ, sparking conversations on the feasibility of parliamentary assemblies for IGOs such as the WTO, ASEAN, and the United Nations.

The seminar will be taking place in two cities. Beginning in Brussels, where the European Parliament and the European Commission are located, and then Strasbourg, the seat of the Council of Europe and its Parliamentary Assembly. Occurring over the course of a two-day period which will first commence in Brussels, Belgium. Followed by a second secession in Strasbourg, France, with a day in between for transfer and sightseeing. All transportation services for sightseeing and transfers will be included. 

Estimated in November 2018.

About the Organizers
CUNCR is an independent think-tank based in Brussels that is focused on the United Nations Charter and on promoting the constitutionalization of the UN and of international law with the aim of legitimizing global governance and conferring global rights on “We, the Peoples”. 

DWB is an NGO based in Berlin that supports a holistic approach to democracy promotion that spans from the local to the global levels and at the same time embraces the dimensions of representation, participation, deliberation and co-decision.   




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