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How to Assemble Parliamentary Assemblies: Bringing international parliamentary institutions to the next level

How to Assemble Parliamentary Assemblies
Brussels, Belgium
November 27-28 2018

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One of the least acknowledged developments in the past decades is the growing importance and prevalence of international parliamentary institutions (IPIs) and their role
in supporting economic cooperation, regional democracy and political integration. The Center for United Nations Constitutional Research, in partnership with Democracy Without Borders, are launching an international seminar focused on examining the challenges and benefits of IPIs. In particular, we wish to learn from the European Parliament, in addition to examples from other world regions such as Africa, Asia, and Latin-America.

The aim of gathering elected representatives, regional politicians, academic experts, policymakers, civil society representatives and those who are currently working at IPIs and IGOs as civil servants, is to deepen the knowledge of different IPIs and the role they can play in strengthening regional and global IGOs as well as giving citizens a voice in large-scale governance and promoting democracy in the world.

Please join us for unique lectures and workshops with high-level academics and practitioners from different IPIs around the world in unraveling successful parliamentary assemblies



Panel 1: Why Parliamentary Assemblies: The State of the Art

Panel 2: Parliamentary Assemblies: Getting into the Machinery

Panel 3: Case studies: European Union (EU), African Union (AU), Latin American Parliament (Parlatino)

Panel 4: The way forward or a laboratory for parliamentary assemblies


Fernando Iglesias , MP, Argentina

Jo Leinen, MEP, European Parliament, Germany

Isra Sunthornvut, Secretary-General, ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly

Andreas Bummel, Chairman and CEO, Democracy Without Borders

Dr. Shahr-yar Sharei, Executive Director, Center for United Nations Contitutional Research


November 27-28, 2018
Brussels, Belgium

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