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Born Free and Equal: The History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Author: Hanne Christensen

Upholding the San Francisco Promise: The Roadmap to a Constitutionalised United Nations

Author: Shahr-yar M. Sharei

Climate Justice Before Greek Tragedy

Author: Aidee Saucedo

The Need for a World Parliamentary Assembly

Author: Hon. Ivone Soares

Réflexion sur le Système des N.U.

Author: André de Crombrugghe

The Need to Reform the UN Security Council

Author: André de Crombrugghe

Constitutionalisation of the UN and International Law

Author: Shahr-yar M. Sharei

Reform of the two most important organs of the United Nations-The Security Council and the General Assembly

Author: Hanne Christensen

Sierra Leone: the Perpetual Struggle for Security

Author: Natasha Louis

A World Parliament in Our Future?

Author: Ronald J. Glossop

CUNCR CJ II Outcome Document

Author: Kelci Wilford

World Citizens or World Subjects

Author: John O. Sutter, PH.D

The Sustainable Development Goals and a Substantial Reduction in Illicit Arms Flows

Author: Swadesh Rana

A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century

Author: Jo Leinen and Andreas Bummel

Article 109 Charter Review

Author: Shahr-yar M. Sharei

Terrorism in the Horn of Africa: The Lost Generation of Somalia and Al-Shabaab

Author: Natasha Louis

The UN & Collective Security: Can the EU Transform the UN?

Author: Shahr-yar M. Sharei

Global Government and Global Justice

Author: Luis Cabrera

A Field Analysis of the Dynamics of Conflict in the South Kivu/DRC

Author: Christian Walungwa Bitela

The United Nations, the Evolution of Global Values and International Law

Author: Otto Spijkers

Will the South China Sea Still Matter for China-U.S. Relations?

Author: Nong Hong

Why a World State is Democratically Necessary

Author: Alexander Wendt

Historical Reflections on the World State

Author: Joseph Preston Baratta

New Thinking on an Old Dream: Federal World Government

Author: James A. Yunker

Transforming the United Nations System - Reform of the Security Council

Author: Professor Joseph E. Schwartzberg

Federalism and Climate Change

Author: Dr. Nicos Giannis

F for Federalism, Not Fear Anymore!

Author: Dr. Nicos Giannis

Climate Action from Below

Author: Nnimmo Bassey

Access to International Justice Through a New Judicial and Political International Order, as a Result of the Transformation of the UN into a World Federation of Nations

Author: Francisco Plancarte

The Paris Agreement: Some Critical Reflections on Process and Substance

Author: Dr. Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh and Dr. Curtis Doebbler

GCF and Climate Finance

Author: Ambassador Son Sung-Hwan

Justice in a Climate-Stressed World: The Role of International Institutions

Author: Wouter Veening

What Climate Change? What We Did to the Planet, What We Need to do Now, and What Happens if We Don’t

Author: Kelci Wilford

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