The Center for UN Constitutional Research (CUNCR)
Mountain Seminar: International Environmental Laws and Climate Change
July 17-20, Epirus, Greece

(Preliminary Program, with dates and place confirmed, but the agenda and speakers are being finalized by 1 May 2017)


Seminar Sponsorship: The Center for UN Constitutional Research (CUNCR) will be fully responsible for registered attendees, related to organizing the seminar, including any associated costs and revenues. The Land Beyond,  will be the provider of the venue, the conference facilities, the lodging, restaurant meals, and the associated services.

Seminar Topic:  International Environmental Laws and Climate Change (the exact title to be finalized later)

Venue: The Land Beyond and its related conference facilities:

Dates: July 17-20 (4 nights, Monday through Wednesday, check out on Thursday). Please, note the facilities will be also available for 1 night before and 1 night after. That is optionally, Sunday night July 16th, since most people may opt to come the night before, as well as, on Thursday night, for those who wish to stay after the Crossing and want to leave, next day, on Friday. 

Tentative Schedule

Sunday, 16 July—Pre-seminar lodging, informal gathering (optional).

Monday, 17 July:

  • Early Morning: Hike (optional)
  • Morning: Registration and intro to Climate Change
  • Afternoon: Survey of the regional and international Environmental Laws: UN, EU, and case study of some key states
  • Evening: Welcoming reception

Tuesday, 18 July:

  • Early Morning: Hike (optional)
  • Morning: Two key lectures (one by an academic scholar and one by a practitioner/policy maker)
  • Afternoon: Round-tables/Working sessions

Wednesday, 19 July:

  • Early Morning: Hike (optional)
  • Morning: Conclusion, recap, and proactive action and measures
  • Afternoon: Rafting Trip
  • Evening: Giving of certificates, reception, plus dinner at premises and music

Thursday: Vikos Gorge crossing (optional)

The fee will be inclusive of:

1. Lodging for 4 nights + conference facilities + insurance + transportation (within Vitsa): 

      a. Single room 
      b. Double room

2. Meals for 4 days (with one new location per day): Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
     * To include water and soft drinks with each meal + two coffee breaks per day + 2 receptions
     ** All meals to include a vegetarian option 
     *** At least one meal per day to have seafood option

3. Rafting + transportation per person

4. Vikos Crossing + transportation per person (including a sandwich lunch)

5. Lodging additional nights (optional Sunday night and Thursday night) 
     a. Single
     b. Double

6. All other expenses would be responsibility of CUNCR, such as, presentation material, and transportation within Eprius as well as Vitsa to and from Ioannina (lake) Airport in Greece. 

Download Climate Justice Outcome PDFDownload only the outcome text



International Environmental Climate ChangeInternational Environmental Laws and Climate Change