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The Association is a not-for-profit independent think-tank, the primary mission of which is to provide research and policy recommendations concerning the Charter and the structure of the United Nations (UN) in the direction of achieving the Charter Preamble’s “we the peoples” ideals and objectives and towards its constitutionalization.

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International Law Clinic

Rather than being the product of global citizens acting within a transparently representative legal framework, international law continues to be forged by states in a piecemeal and opaque fashion. This has led to a fragmented international legal regime characterized by conflicts in norms and jurisdictions, and which lacks those principles commonly associated with domestic legal systems…

Global Governance Laboratory

In the absence of global government, “global governance” is more of an experiment carried out by state governments co-existing and ruling the world, rather than a democratic, unitary or federal model, in which the world’s citizens enjoy direct representation.

Research and Seminars

OPENING TO OMNILATERALISM Democratic governance for all, from local to global with stakeholders

European Union Sponsored, the European Development Days on 15-16 June 2021

15-16 June 2021

Omnilateralism CUNCR Intervention at Dr. Wolfgang Pape Roundtable with The Academic Council on the United Nations System ACUNS 24 June 2021

June 24, 2021

India’s Expiration Date for the UN Security Council—Rediscovered

How Democracy Survives The Crises of the Nation State

Who governs the world?

June 26, 2020

CUNCR's Upcoming Events at The European Paraliament

International Environmental Laws and Climate Change

Corfu & Epirus, Greece

22 July - 26 July, 2019

How to Assemble Parliamentary Assemblies Case Studies for Governments and Ngos

Brussels, Belgium

November 27-28 2018

Symposium on Security Council Reform

New York/San Francisco/Brussels

October 23-24 2018

Symposium on Regional and International Criminal Courts Against Transnational Organized Crimes

Buenos Aires, Argentina/Brussels, Belgium

Future Event

International Asylum and Refugee Laws

Brussels, Belgium

Future Event

Regionalism and Federalism


Future Event

Nuclear Disarmament The UN Charter and The NPT Regime: Fit for Purpose?

Tokyo, Japan/Brussels, Belgium

Future Event

International Space Law

San Francisco/USA

Future Event

Paris Peace Forum


November 11-13 2018

We know climate science and we know what needs to be done to end Climate Emergency. But who is in charge of the global governance of climate?

CUNCR at COY16 and COP26

Ukraine Crisis is First a UN Constitutional Crisis

UN Climate Change Conference of the Youth (COY 16)

Research and Seminars