Who are we ?

YCA stands for YOUTH CLIMATE AMBASSADORS. We are young activists from all around the globe who decided to unite forces and come up with this network in order to multiply our efforts for an effective climate governance. This network was created in July 2019 during CUNCR’s third Climate Justice & Democracy Summit which took place in Brussels (Belgium) and Epirus (Greece). The Summit addressed different topics related with climate democracy by prominent speakers. Next to this, the YCA workshop took place. More on the CJD:…

What we do

We advocate for an efficient climate governance by attending events and conferences to represent our Youth Climate Ambassador (YCA) network. Our goal is to implement the actions laid down in the Epirus Declaration that we elaborated during the Climate Justice & Democracy Summit of last July 2019.


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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to reach high representatives and convince them about the need for a global governance capable of tackling global problems. Countries need to be convinced about the importance of coordinated efforts when facing transboundary challenges.
Our Plan of Action is laid down in what we called: The Epirus Declaration.
What we demand through the elaboration and advocacy of the Epirus Declaration is the following:

Epirus Declaration

Global decision-making for the global climate crisis including a UN parliament,with an executive and legislative branches
International Environmental Court able to held accountable environmental crimes
Include the right to healthy environment in the UN Charter
Upholding the San Francisco Promise for UN charter review and renewal

Climate Democracy Declaration

On 24th of july 2019 we planetary citizens, representing all the continents, have gathered to demand representation in global decision-making on challenges, such as the climate crisis, which affect us all. To achieve this we demand: the creation of a United Nations Parliament representing everyone, an executive to complement this legislature and, to ensure justice, the creation of a world court with the competency to prosecute environmental crimes, holding states, corporations, other non state actors and individuals accountable with universal jurisdiction.
In a world of effective global governance, resources currently dedicated to national security must be redirected to global security, and in particular living sustainably in our planet. It should be a human right to enjoy a healthy environment for the future generations.
As the legitimate forum to achieve these democratic ideals, we urgently demand that the San Francisco Promise be upheld to convene the United Nations Charter review and renewal process.

Let "we the peoples" govern the world!