Peace On Earth Is Possible PEACE ON EARTH IS POSSIBLE Modern Wars Are On Children According to UN 400M children live in conflict zones. Wars used to be fights between leaders against leaders and soldiers against soldiers. Modern Wars Are Against Civilians. As in Hiroshima from the air, to the latest Ukraine and Palestine wars, […]

Crash Course on Global Governance

Crash Course on Global Governance CUNCR Crash Course: Deciphering Global Governance What is the state of global governance today? How did it come about, and is it capable of handling the challenges of the 21st century? The Center for United Nations Constitutional Research is proud to present an introduction to these important but thorny questions […]

Event Report: International Environmental Law and Climate Change

Event Report: International Environmental Law and Climate Change Is there Global Climate Justice? Vitsa, Greece — July 17-20, 2017 In the mountain village of Vitsa in Epirus, Greece, seminar participants came together to discuss the issue of environmental laws and climate change, seeking to answer the question, “is there international climate justice?” Through a series […]

Director’s Report

Director’s Report The background of this photo of humbly yours is where the battle of Waterloo took place almost 200 years ago. I am standing on top of the monument dedicated to that senseless war, where the newly formed European nation-states, many of them involved in that one summer-day battle, were killing each other at […]

CUNCR Library

CUNCR Library We are delighted to officially announce the establishment of the CUNCR Library. It is a work in progress and currently has over 100 books catalogued mainly related to global governance, UN Charter, and UN reform. The collection is not intended to replace what is readily available in public or university libraries, but the […]

Building Alliances

Building Alliances CUNCR has been gathering momentum by building partnerships through public outreach. Primarily, we have expanded our impact by becoming a far-reaching social media instrument with followers ranging from New York to New Delhi. We reached over 400 individuals this quarter who promoted and share the content of CUNCR. Additionally, CUNCR has begun linking […]

Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program CUNCR is very pleased to announce that in 2018, we will be launching our fellowship program! This program will bring academics and professionals from all over the world to our offices in Brussels, where we will cultivate a research setting for fellows to experience a supra-national political and legal system in the international […]

Future Programs

Future Programs CUNCR has plans in motion to host several seminars throughout 2018 and 2019, focusing on today’s biggest legal challenges stemming from ineffective global governance, and how we can fix them. Please click here to see the full listing.  One seminar that we are especially excited about has the working title of “How to Assemble Parliamentary […]


Fellowship United Nations and European Union Research – Where Global Governance is Taking Shape The Center for United Nations Constitutional Research is now accepting applications for resident fellowships at our headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. CUNCR fellows will have the opportunity to devote time to a research project on a topic related to global governance, while […]

Andreas Bummel

Andreas Bummel, born in Cape Town, South Africa, is co-founder and director of Democracy Without Borders and of the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly which is supported by 1,500 current and former members of parliament. Among other things, Andreas organized the campaign’s five international meetings on a UN Parliamentary Assembly thus far. The most recent one was hosted in the European Parliament in Brussels in 2013.
In recognition of his work for a world parliament, he was elected as a fellow by the World Academy of Art and Science and was awarded the Society for Threatened Peoples‘ honorary membership. In 2017, Andreas published a major German book on a world parliament and world federalism (with Jo Leinen, Member of European Parliament). The English edition is forthcoming.

Marjolijn Snippe

Member of the Board


Marjolijn Snippe holds a master’s degree in international law from the University of Amsterdam. She is a founding member of the Centre for United Nations Constitutional Research (CUNCR). Marjolijn Snippe, for several years was Erskine Childers research-assistant (reform and renewing the United Nations), and co-editor of “Erskine Barton Childers – For a democratic United Nations and the Rule of Law”, published by the Dag Hammarskjold Foundation in 2011. She is also a board member of the World Federalist Movement in the Netherlands (WFBN), and co-editor of the WFBN-quarterly “Eén Wereld” (One World).