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The Association is a not-for-profit independent think-tank, the primary mission of which is to provide research and policy recommendations concerning the Charter and the structure of the United Nations (UN) in the direction of achieving the Charter Preamble’s “we the peoples” ideals and objectives and towards its constitutionalization.

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International Law Clinic

Rather than being the product of global citizens acting within a transparently representative legal framework, international law continues to be forged by states in a piecemeal and opaque fashion. This has led to a fragmented international legal regime characterized by conflicts in norms and jurisdictions, and which lacks those principles commonly associated with domestic legal systems…

Global Governance Laboratory

In the absence of global government, “global governance” is more of an experiment carried out by state governments co-existing and ruling the world, rather than a democratic, unitary or federal model, in which the world’s citizens enjoy direct representation.