Who Governs Pandemics and the Environment: Multilateralism vs. UN Constitutionalism

Who governs pandemics and COVID-19? Is it WHO and the UN? Who governs climate change? Is it UNFCCC and the UN, or the Paris Accords or other environmental agreements? For effective governance do we need more multilateralism of states, or is there a democratic deficit? If national governments and their institutions are indispensable to tackle domestic challenges, then can we do without a world government to deal effectively with the world’s challenges? Can the UN be transformed into a federation of states, with “we the peoples” being directly represented?
CUNCR will make two-panel interventions in the Academic Council on United Nations Systems, ACUNS , annual meeting. Attend to find out the answer to some of the questions raised and why multilateralism, which has existed since world war I, may not be the answer versus global constitutionalism.

What is Youth Climate Ambassadors up to?

After initiating the Youth Climate Ambassador program a year ago, CUNCR has a network of over 200 youth activists from all continents and oceans. They have been doing a wonderful job of climate governance advocacy, climate action locally, reforestation and carbon offset projects. These programs are mostly led by the 21 certified YCAs, who went through our training program. They are now building a new website dedicated to YCA. Take a peek!

How are we doing on our carbon offset projects in Africa

The Youth For Forest , inspired by YCAs and supported by CUNCR, has planted over 20,000 trees in Cameroun with the Gambia, in progress. In addition to offsetting carbon, the program is intended to engage local NGOs and communities and designed to be beneficial to biodiversity. Please donate to this program. Ultimately, youth education and activism coupled with climate and governance awareness are the important parts of this initiative.

Have you seen our annual report yet?

If not, check out our impressive performance in our 2019 Annual Report from our strategizing with the European Union parliamentarians, to climate democracy summit and declaration at Epirus, to potentials of coalition building on Security Council reform with our Japanese colleagues and politicians, with variety of other topics are covered in the report. The annual report also includes a synopsis on our Theory of Change proposal to the Global Challenges Foundation.

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As independent, we do not receive funding from governments or other institutions. We would appreciate your financial support for the work that we do. No one wants to give money away and we know that in these COVID times, it can be tough. With your support, CUNCR’s efforts to empower people in global governance and engaging youth in activism and good governance will be made possible. Please donate today . Thank you