Opening towards Omnilateralism – A Memo-Thesis on Democratic Governance: from Local to Global

Dr. Wolfgang Pape


Whenever there is an opening, new ideas can enter and generally bring progress. But many today are cautious about embracing change. Several influential thought leaders (albeit mainly Anglo-Saxons, for example Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Martin Rees), have doubted whether we ought to open up towards new technologies like AI and other technological wildcards, as they risk stepping out of the path of Darwinian selection. The spread of such technologies – at viral speed all over the world – only widens, however, the gap between the fast technical advances of our civilisation and the slower cultural evolution of our species. We live longer and with more but struggle to adapt to it; hence the occurrence of ‘diseases of civilisation’ such as the increased prevalence of cancer, chronic back and skeletal problems and obesity.

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