The Young UN

Fani Tsaroucha

There have been a number of periods when proposals for new or different United Nations structures were proposed and discussed.  The first was in the 1944-1945 period when the Charter was being drafted.  Some who had lived through the decline and then death of the League of Nations wanted a stronge

The Young UN is an internal network of more than 1500 young professionals across various UN entities (80+), that is advocating for the change and improvement of the UN. The network is decentralized in order to fairly reflect on the several processes that drive the organization away from its primary mission, and on other inefficiencies and misconceptions. There are 11 hubs of Young UN around the world, in Geneva, Paris, Bonn, Rome, Vienna, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Mexico, New York and Bangkok. The coordination of the network is quite open and its members draw inspiration form inside and outside the UN. The work of the YUN is oriented around three criteria: a. it has to be in line with the UN principles, b. it has to be solution-driven, and c. it has to be cross-UN, in the sense that it concerns the entire UN Cluster.

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