CUNCR Crash Course: Deciphering Global Governance

What is the state of global governance today? How did it come about, and is it capable of handling the challenges of the 21st century?

The Center for United Nations Constitutional Research is proud to present an introduction to these important but thorny questions in one-week crash course on global governance at our headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The course offers a critical approach to learning about international law and the state of global governance, including intensive instruction, discussions, and workshops, as well as visits to see global governance in action.

The crash course will dive into the inner workings of the United Nations system, including the ICJ and selected UN agencies, as well as related and other international bodies such as the ICC and the European Union. Key global problems and their attempted governance, will also be examined – are the COP protocols effective at addressing climate change? Is the non-proliferation treaty getting us any closer to nuclear disarmament? We will critically assess whether these institutions are effective in managing the challenges of governing an increasingly complex and interconnected world, and consider how universal values such as peace, justice, and human rights can become core tenets of the international community.

This program will provide intensive training for masters or upper-year bachelors students, with some knowledge in international relations or a related field, as well as entry level practitioners, who wish to deepen their understanding of the topic.

The program includes one day in The Hague, Netherlands, the international legal capital of the world. Our course consists of five days of instruction and workshops (Monday to Friday) although attendees should plan to be in Brussels for the full week to accommodate travel and any sightseeing they may wish to do.

The first step in changing the world is understanding where we are now and what challenges we’re facing. Join us this summer in the capital of Europe to expand your understanding and start deciphering what global governance is and what it is not.

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Research and Seminars

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