S.M. Sharei

President and Executive Director

Dr. Shahr-Yar Mahmoud Sharei, whose specialization is public international law and the UN Charter, is the founding Executive Director and President of the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research (CUNCR). In addition to his PhD and LLM in International Law, he holds a MS degree in Computer Science and a BSc in Applied Economics and Management.
Under the direction of Dr. Sharei, CUNCR has embarked on research and dialog focusing on global governance. Research and seminar programs include series on “Climate Justice, Democracy and Governance” which have fostered regular result-oriented interaction with academics, politicians, practitioners, and particularly the youth. The advent of Youth Climate Ambassador (YCA) program, conceived by Dr. Sharei, has been a great educational and movement building project, bringing talented youth activists from every continent to network towards action and advocacy in building a sustainable planet. Further, strengthening of the United Nations, through Security Council democratization and the UN Charter constitutional transformation have been the apex of Dr. Sharei’s research towards global good governance. His thesis on upholding the “San Francisco Promise” and the (re)discovery of the legality and potentials of the Article 109(3) UN Charter review convention, is instrumental for United Nations transformation, from illusive governance to a democratic and effective government in delivering peace, environmental security, and meeting new global challenges. Under his direction, CUNCR has initiated a “How to Assemble Parliamentary Assemblies” series on institutional capacity-building and cooperation amongst regional inter- parliamentary institutions (IPIs), towards expanded competency and people’s participation in regional and global governance.
For over 30 years, Sharei has been an activist, focusing on civil society and NGO activities in the areas of nuclear disarmament, UN reform, the International Criminal Court (ICC), and democratic global governance. He was a member of the governing council of the World Federalist Movement (WFM)/Institute for Global Policy (IGP) when WFM/IGP was the convenor of the coalition for the International Criminal Court (ICC).
In addition to contributing to global governance publications, Dr. Sharei has presented at conferences and forums, mainly on climate justice and democracy, nuclear disarmament, and on the democratization and transformation of the United Nations via constitutional review and renewal. On those topics, he has presented at the first Paris Peace Forum, as well as at the Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO), the UN-DPI NGO Conference in Mexico, Academic Council on UN System (ACUNS), the Inter-Security Forum in Cyprus, the Future of UN in Germany, the International Conference of Chief Justices in India, and Peace Building Forum in Tokyo. CUNCR, as an accredited NGO by the UNFCCC, under the direction of Dr. Sharei, since the COP25 in Madrid has been a regular NGO stakeholder at the COP negotiations on climate change by the member states and the COY side events on Conference Of the Youth.

Dr. Sharei is currently preparing for the publication of his legal research on the UN Charter review process and its potential for letting “we the peoples” govern the world. His book, Reconstructing Article 109(3) of the UN Charter, as the Constitutionalization of the United Nations and International Law, is due to be published in 2022.