“We showed that we are united and that we, young people, are unstoppable.”

— Greta Thunberg
We recognize that the best fight against climate change is SYSTEM CHANGE in both our LIFESTYLE to consume less carbon, and also change in international governance of the climate. Next best action, is to go carbon neutral.
CUNCR is excited to announce its unique carbon offset project in collaboration with our champion Youth Climate Ambassadors.
This CLIMATE ACTION carried by YCAs has multiple benefits:
  1. You as a caring world citizen offset your footprint and go carbon neutral for all your AIR and LAND travels and neutralize carbon emissions related to your HOUSEHOLD
  2. YCAs ACT, ADVOCATE, and EDUCATE, while they plant trees and utilize other nature-based solutions to MITIGATE CLIMATE CHANGE
  3. With your support and in synergy, the youth in different corners of the world, including the sinking islands, become the CLIMATE GUARDIANS letting the earth BREATH


Click here to read our Plan of Action!

Youth Climate Ambassadors at the CUNCR
Climate Democracy and Justice Summit 2019
(Corfu & Epirus, Greece)

Litia, 21, from Fiji. Youth Climate Ambassador 2019