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“We showed that we are united and that we, young people, are unstoppable.”
— Greta Thunberg


In collaboration with Youth Climate Governance Conference MEP’s Brando Benifei and Michal Wiezick.

October 2020

European Parliament, Brussels

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Litia, 21, from Fiji. Youth Climate Ambassador 2019

Who are we

YCA stands for Youth Climate Ambassadors. We are young activists from all around the globe who decided to unite forces and come up with this network in order to multiply our efforts for an effective climate governance. This network was created in July 2019 during CUNCR’s third Climate Justice & Democracy Summit which took place in Brussels (Belgium) and Epirus (Greece). The Summit addressed different topics related with climate democracy by prominent speakers. Next to this, the YCA workshop took place. More on the CJD:…