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Go GREEN with CUNCR Youth Climate Ambassadors

“It’s the little things that citizens do. That’s what will make the difference”
— Wangari Maathai

Our little thing is planting trees.


With the help of our local partner, Amis de la Planète, reforestation of over 12000 trees is in progress in Cameroon. For min. of 3 years the trees will be in our care before leaving them to the nature.


Youth for Forest & our partner Kantora Foundation: Seedlings being grown for the 10000 trees being planted. The trees are of cashew nut species & being planted in dozens of villages, in community land.

Example of how it works

We transform CO2 into trees
And offset by planting trees:

For example offset half a tone of CO2

You Offset: 550 kg CO2
You plant with us: 300 seedlings
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With 2 years of research and development in Carbon Footprint Sequestration We proudly announce the CUNCR CLIMATE ACTION program in collaboration with our YOUTH CLIMATE AMBASSADORS all around the world. DONATE

Example of how it works

Calculate your flight footprint
And Offset by planting trees


Native trees

We only plant indigenous tree species among which some are endangered

Respect to the local Ecosystems

We make sure that our trees will exist harmoniously with the local ecosystems

Respect to the local Communities

We prioritize ecosystem services that deliver the needs of the local communities

Global tree planting Network

Creating a network of tree planting Projects all around the world Existing projects or under study